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  • "Went straight to the Rhodes the moment I walked in the door. Incredible!"

    — Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

  • "I am delighted... And now I cannot wait for you to finish my other Mini Moog!!"

    — Howard Howes (Keyboard tech for Paul McCartney)

  • "Finally after all these years, a playable Rhodes with a beautiful tone."

    — Rick Krizman

  • "Everyone was mesmerized by the sound... thank you thank you thank you."

    — Peter Dyer (Mariah Carey)

  • "Just wanted to tell you that this wurly 720 is the greatest thing I've ever played!"

    — Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5)

  • "I was always impressed by your abilities but u took it up another notch in my eyes!"

    — Wayne Williams (Tom Petty)

  • "Got the hammers on my pianet, and my God — it sounds AWESOME!"

    — Pianet N Sticky Pads Customer

  • "You went the extra mile during rehearsals to ensure us that you are there 24/7."

    — Michael Klvana (Crosby, Still & Nash)

  • "Thank you so much Ken and team Ken Rich! My suitcase rhodes is singing beautifully."

    — Joey Dosik (Nikka Costa)

  • "Thanks again for all the help with Paul’s B-3. The organ sounds absolutely amazing."

    — Bruce Hendrix (Cher)

  • "The Clav sounds the best I’ve ever heard it. EVER."

    — Tony Beliveau (Crash Kings)

  • "It’s just unbelievable! It’s fan-bloody-tastic! You are a genius!"

    — Benmont Tench (Tom Petty)

  • "You make our keyboards speak."

    — Michael Klvana (Josh Groban)

  • "I don’t know what you did but [laughing] it sounds great!"

    — George Duke

  • "Awesome job on the 122!!! It looks great... you are the King!"

    — Michael Egizi (Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, many others)

  • "Can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Rhodes now. Absolutely STUNNING!"

    — Eric Persing (Founder, Spectrasonics)