Save Your Back Jack…With Our Hammond Dolly System

Anyone who’s transported a Hammond organ knows it’s normally a problematic, awkward and back-breaking undertaking, but not so with our heavy-duty Hammond dolly system. Although ours aren’t the “Roll-or-Kari” brand they are the same in every way, turning a job normally best handled by a team of Olympic wrestlers into a one-man stroll in the park with a baby carriage (well, almost). Also, our Hammond Covers are specially designed so you can remove the cover without removing the dolly, which is a particularly big probablem when transporting B-3′s and other models that have legs.

For pricing and orders get in contact on 1-818-787-8465 or and for more photos go to our Online Store listing.

Hammond Transportation Dolly Hammond Transportation Dolly

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Coldplay’s Kawai Cutdown

Ken didn’t even know who Coldplay were until he saw them perform at the last Grammy Awards show. He was soon singing their tracks to himself around the workshop though, so when our mutual connection through band members with Roger Waters/Pink Floyd got us in contact with them to cut down this Kawai MP9000 piano controller for their stage show Ken jumped at the chance to do a project for the band. This keyboard can be seen when they move to the small acoustic stage during their performances. For more photos go to our “Custom” slideshow.


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Summer Special! Get a FREE Wurlitzer Gig Bag with every Wurlitzer 200/200A Soft Case

For the rest of the summer we’re going to be running some free bonus offers. The first is a free Wurlitzer Gig Bag valued at $43.95 with every purchase of a Wurlitzer 200/200A Soft Case, which is the latest addition to our range of USA-made quality cases and covers. Every person who gigs with a Wurlitzer 200 or 200A should have both of these. They not only protect your gear but also protect your back, while also saving you time loading in and out. Now you can do it in one trip!

This offer is only available while our limited stocks last, so go to the store and buy yours now!

Wurlitzer 200 or 200A Soft Case

Wurlitzer Leg and Sustain Pedal Bag

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Our latest custom Moog creation ~ a Minimoog with curly maple body for Warryn Campbell

Following from the very original red plexiglass moog body we made for Bobby Sparks (photos further down this page) we built a curly maple Minimoog cabinet for Warryn Campbell. We think it’s just stunning! A big shout out to Pat Wilkins at Wilkins Guitars for his work staining and finishing the wood. There are more photos in the Synthesizer slideshow.


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Josh Klinghoffer of Red Hot Chili Peppers wears our “Keyboard Icons” T-shirt live on stage!

Josh Klingerhoffer replaced John Frusciante on guitar in the Red Hot Chili Peppers last year. Flea (Bassist for RHCP’s) bought a Rhodes from Ken years ago and soon after Josh joined the band he came in the shop. He bought a Wurlitzer and we gave him one of our in-house designed T-shirts while he was here. Much to our suprise he forwarded these photos the other day, of him wearing the shirt live on stage! Get your “Keyboard Icons” T-shirt from our online store.


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Custom Red Plexiglass Minimoog for Bobby Sparks

When Bobby Sparks asked us to do “something crazy” with his Minimoog Model-D, we went with red plexiglass. The clear plexiglass keyboards that come through the shop, like Prince’s Hammond and Leslie, or George Duke’s Castlebar Clavinet, get a lot of attention, so we figured red plexiglass would really make an impression. This has proven true by the pile of hits and Facebook likes the photos have received since their listing. More photos of this stunning Moog are in the Sythesizer slideshow.


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Our New Development ~ The Rhodes Stage Model Pull-Sustain Mechanism

Watch the video to see how this works. For players who perform on Rhodes Stage models this is a brilliant development that will give them more confidence on stage, no longer needing to beĀ consciousĀ of the possibility that their sustain could be compromised by the slightest bump. In many cases it means that they can actually use sustain again, as many had simply stopped due the unreliability of the original push rod system.
Check out the Rhodes Pull-Sustain listing in our online store.

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Beta Testing The Warneck Research 200A Amp Boards ~ Available Soon


Pictured above is a Warneck Research 200A amp board beta unit. These are in the last stages of testing and are going to breath new life into 200A’s, just as the Warneck Research 200 boards did for model 200′s. They will bring out the very best of your Wurlitzer’s tone and maximise your gain structure, while keeping noise to an absolute minimum. Not to mention, they are incredible easy to install, fitting onto the old screw holes and with no soldering required. For anyone who’s heard one in action it is immediately clear that nothing else can reduce noise and maximise gain structure in Wurlitzer tone like a Warneck Research amp board. Satisfaction or your money back!

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Kick-Ass Clav Kit Now Available

Our Kick-Ass Clav Kit puts together our Clavinet Whammy Bar Kit, our D’Addario Clavinet strings (with yarn, needle and instructions) and Clavinet tips into one value-added package ~ priced at $725.00.

Essentially, buying this kit gives the customer our D’Addario String Set, yarn and needle, with restring instructions ~ valued at $69.95 ~ for FREE.

For more details about the Whammy Bar Kit, strings and tips see the other listings under Hohner.

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Our New Pianet N Sticky Pads Leave Customers Blown Away

After hearing endless customers complaining about not being able to get good Pianet N sticky pads we decided we had to do something. After much time and extensive research our first sets of Pianet N Sticky Pads have been tested by customers. Here is what one said to us in an e-mail;

Hey Rich, Got the hammers on my pianet, and my God — it sounds AWESOME! Incredible job Rich. Sounds amazing. You are the king of keyboards. Thank you so much.” ~ Kelley

An online store listing will be up in the next couple of weeks but until then feel free to express your interest by e-mailing us at ~ to be sure you have secured an order from our first shipment.

Kickbutt-Clav Kit

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