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  • Email from Howard Howes (Keyboard tech for Paul McCartney)

    Hi Ken
    Just a quick note to say thank you very much for a terrific job on my Mini Moog.
    It has settled down very nicely, the keyboard rebuild is a joy, I can't leave it alone, the instrument sounds incredible, it recaptures the thrills of my first Min Moog back in the seventies, I am delighted.
    And now I cannot wait for you to finish my other Mini Moog ! !
    Many thanks for your skillful work
    Best regards
    Howard Howes

  • Email from Tyler Chester (Jackson Browne, Sara Watkins)

    Hey Ken-
    Just wanted to take a second and say thanks again for getting that clav back to me quick. Played it last night at a show down in San Diego- man, the extended action is insane. It’s like the instrument is twice as usable. Way more spots where I can hit pedal steel like riffs. Love it-
    Thanks again man- we taped and filmed last night, so I’ll get you some more video soon.
    Be well!

  • Email from Rick Krizman

    I’m recording the Rhodes today and could not be happier. Finally after all these years, a playable Rhodes with a beautiful tone. Thank you so much, the search for the Grail has ended!

    Til next time,


  • Email from Peter Dyer (Mariah Carey)

    Hi Ken, thanks so much for your hard work on the Farfisa (even after I brought it back not 24 hours later after a fall!). It was done just in time for recording prep and the 4-day session. Everyone was mesmerized by the sound, and it ended up dominating the songs even more than planned, as folks could not get enough. Obviously I had no qualms with that. Thank you thank you thank you.

    -Peter Dyer

  • Email from Jesse Carmichael (Maroon 5)

    Just wanted to tell you that this wurly 720 is the greatest thing I've ever played!
    Thanks so much.

  • E-mail from Red Hot Chili Peppers new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer

    "It’s Josh (RHCP). I’ve just returned from the 1st US leg. Went straight to the Rhodes the moment I walked in the door. Incredible!"

  • Email from Wayne Williams (Tom Petty)

    “U must b some type of B-3 Mutant ? How anyone can listen on a cell phone durning ringing out the house P A & diagnose no nail the problem !!! Moving the rise 1 ft. Downstage worked ! Just like u called ” get it out of that field ” !! I was always impressed by your abilities but u took it up another notch in my eyes ! U R Not human !! Thanks my friend & way 2 go ! U must have a BIG S under that shirt !!! Where do u hide your cape ??? Big kiss 2 those pretty girls u live with ! Thank u ! U r the wings beneath all my wind !!!
    Your pal Wayne”

  • E-mail from a Pianet N Sticky Pads Customer

    “Hey Rich, Got the hammers on my pianet, and my God — it sounds AWESOME! Incredible job Rich. Sounds amazing. You are the king of keyboards.
    ?Thank you so much.
    ~ Kelley” (Studio Owner)

  • Email from Michael Klvana (Crosby, Still & Nash)

    “Thank you once again for rebuilding our touring B3 and Leslies we like to refer to the B3 as Grandma. She’s probably one of the most well traveled organs in the business and after 35 years on the road she needed you help badly. You went the extra mile during rehearsals to ensure us that you are there 24/7. You are peerless at what you do!
    All the Best,
    Michael Klvana ( Keyboard Tech for Crosby, Stills & Nash)”

  • E-mail from Joey Dosik (Nikka Costa)

    “Thank you so much Ken and team Ken Rich! My suitcase rhodes is singing beautifully. Recorded it for the first time yesterday and it sounds like 1974! Look forward to working with you again,

  • Email from Bruce Hendrix (Cher)

    “Ken,Thanks again for all the help with Paul’s B-3. The organ sounds absolutely amazing. The modifications you did made this one of the the best sounding B-3′s I have ever come across in 25 years of touring! I can always count on you Ken!!!
    Bruce Hendrix – Cher’s Keyboard Technician”

  • Voicemail Message from Benmont Tench (Tom Petty)

    “Ken, it’s Benmont. I’m sorry I meant to call you as soon as I got ‘em but I took sick and was just like incapable of coherent conversion. I love ‘em! It’s just unbelievable! It’s fan-bloody-tastic! You are a genius! I haven’t tried using the effects loops yet or even finding them but just – the Wurly’s amazing! The Hammond is amazing! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I wanted to call you and then…when I first got it and played it for a while it was too late and then I got so sick I couldn’t even talk. But I’m better now and that stuff kicks ass! You da man. Bye.”

  • E-mail from Michael Klvana (Josh Groban)

    “Ken, The other day our Music Director (Tariqh Akoni) and Keyboardist (Mark Stephens) asked me to play our “Ken Rich” 1973 Fender Rhodes and 1959 Hammond C3 Organ (Grandma) while they sat out at the Front of House mixing desk and listened to them in a large arena. I started off by playing the Rhodes, nice simple progressions, but using the dynamic capability that only you can put in a Rhodes. The sound was stellar! Then I moved on to the Hammond C3, once again simple but dynamic. The guys couldn’t believe how good it all sounded. On the road I get comments almost daily about how good our “Ken Rich” Rhodes & C3 sound. Thank you for being an integral part of the Josh Groban sound. You make our keyboards speak.
    All The Best,
    Michael Klvana

  • Voicemail Message from George Duke

    “Hey Ken, it’s George Duke. I just wanted to let you know the piano sounds great. The Rhodes, we recorded with it last night and it’s just…you did a great job. I mean, I don’t know what you did but (laughing) it sounds great!”

  • Email from Michael Egizi (Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, plus so many others)

    ”Mr. Ken… Is it wrong for one man to love another???? Awesome job on the 122!!! It looks great. I am using it tomorrow on this theme I’ve been working on. I can’t wait to hear it. Thank you for all the great work you do!!! It is always appreciated. You are the King!!!
    Thank you again.
    Michael. ”

  • E-mail from Dan Pinder (Music Editor for Film, e.g. Dark Knight, Transformers, DaVinci Code)

    Hi Ken, Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work. There is something so satisfying about playing it (broken fingers or not) and I’m so glad I waited to find a model 200 — the new amp and vibrato give it everything you want in a 40-year-old instrument without the downsides. I’m delighted with this piano in every conceivable regard.
    Many thanks,
    Dan Pinder

  • E-mail about our Wurly Stradlers from Frank Sebastian (Writer/Director for Film and TV)

    Just put my SG-1D on top of the wurly – awesome. Hell of an invention, Ken.
    Take Care,

  • Email from Eric Persing (Spectrasonics)

    Subject: Not happy…
    ” …because “happy” simply isn’t a good enough word ;) Can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the Rhodes now. Absolutely STUNNING! :) Thanks for going the extra mile for us Ken.
    Eric Persing”